Five Ways to Use QR Codes at Your Wedding

Five Ways to Use QR Codes at Your Wedding
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Using QR Codes to Enhance Your Wedding Experience

QR codes are an innovative way to add convenience and fun to your big day! Here are five creative ways to use them at your wedding.

1. RSVPs and Invitations

QR codes can streamline the RSVP process and make it easier for your guests to visit your wedding website. By scanning the QR code, guests can directly access your site, eliminating the possibility of typos in the URL. It's a simple, efficient way to manage invitations and RSVPs.

2. Collecting Wedding Photos and Videos

Capture all the candid moments at your wedding! Place QR codes on tables, in gift bags, or on large signs instructing guests to upload the photos and videos they take. It's an easy way to collect and share everyone's perspectives of your special day.

3. Thank You Cards

Share a photo gallery of your wedding with your guests. Including a QR code in your thank you cards makes it easy for everyone to access the gallery and relive the beautiful moments.

4. Honeymoon Fund

Instead of asking for traditional gifts, why not request contributions to your honeymoon fund? A QR code can link to digital payment options like Venmo, Zelle, or CashApp, making it convenient for guests to contribute directly to your dream getaway.

5. Wedding Programs

Reduce paper waste and go digital with your wedding program. A QR code can link to a digital version of your program, providing guests with a convenient, eco-friendly way to follow along.


QR codes can make your wedding planning a little easier, save you money, and enhance your guests' experience with a unique and modern touch.

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