Digital Audio Guestbook

Capture cherished voices and heartfelt messages with EventShare's digital audio guestbook. Say goodbye to traditional guest books and hello to a timeless keepsake.

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How It Works

Receive voice recordings in 3 easy steps


Create the digital guestbook

Give it a name and event date


Share the guestbook with guests

Print signs with the auto generated QR code for guests to scan. Use one our free canva templates to save time.


Enjoy the recordings

Play the guestbook recordings to relive those precious moments

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Experience the Magic of Voices Frozen in Time

Your digital audio guestbook will captures the laughter, tears, and joy of of those you hold dear.

Simple guest experience

Guest can record messages from their cellphone, home computer, tablet, or any other device that runs a web browser. No reservation or shipping needed for a physical phone.

  • No app install needed for guests
  • Digital guestbook is live for 12 months
  • Send to loved ones that could not attend your celebration to make them feel welcome
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Easily replay guest recordings

All guest recordings are immediatly accessible in the admin dashboard. Each recording has the name of the person that recorded it so you will know who to thank.

  • No limit on recording length
  • Guest name associated with every recording
  • Download all recordings to keep for forever
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Custom audio greeting

Greet everyone who opens your guestbook with a custom recorded greeting. Easy to add in the admin dashboard.

  • No limit on greeting length
  • Welcome greeting is included in the guestbook download
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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.