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How to use QR Codes at your Wedding

Wedding Invites

Use a QR Code in your wedding invites to make guests RSVP seemless.

Gift Registry

Make it easy for your wedding guests to access your online gift registry.

Honeymoon Fund

Instead of asking for a traditional gift, get contributions towards a honeymoon! Link a QR code to Venmo or some other cash transfer app.

Wedding Website

Your wedding website will have all the details guests need from travel accomodations to the event day. A QR code will make it easy to access.

Collect Photos & Videos

Place QR Codes on signs at your wedding so guests can scan them and upload photos and videos of your wedding. Check out EventShare for an easy to use solution.

Thank You Cards

Put a QR Code in your thank you cards to share photos with your loved ones. Scanning the qr code will take people to your photo gallery.